Jazz Forum 12/10 review


".... Jacek's technical efficiency on electric guitar and classical is amazing. Sometimes, his fluent passages reminiscent of Pat Metheny or John McLaughlin. For Raganowicz, melodies are most important. His ambition is to compose a guitar themes and improvise playing such the listener was able to hum it, and later - to remember. I must admit that in most cases, the musicians manage to fulfil this task. The themes are melodious, light, with another study could serve as canvas of songs. Stylistically, the album places between the delicate playing Latin, blues and jazz easy listening. It is therefore rather nice, lightly and nicely, but at the same sophisticated. It is worth reach for the "Return To Myself."

Marek Romanski, Jazz Forum 12/10
© 2010 Jacek Raganowicz
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